experimental electronic duo by Andrey Guryanov and Felix Mirensky. Drojji use free improvisation techniques supplemented by a premeditated conception. Utilizing EDM elements, narrative structures common for rock and pop music and noise, Drojji produces a multilayered stream of sonic information. The core idea of this stream is subtle constant changes based on reworking and recognizing real-time sound material to reconstruct it with a different process. Drojji creates flexible soundscapes where recognition is a process rather than a result. Drojji think of themselves as digital nomads, possessing different information mostly created or digitalized within the time of our life, rather than knowledge inherent in any way. Knowing and feeling that Drojji equalize the weight of information they obtain, question its value. And they also attempt to recreate and reinvent their cultural code. Drojji are interested in combining their very own human nature with technological instruments, pushing both of them to the edge. They use their self-created software combined with conventional instruments and different experimental techniques such as no-input mixing to acquire primal material. Then Drojji analyze, recognize and reassemble and reconstruct it. The result of this plays a role of an external collaborator as well as returns to their production chain as plain sound. The amount of informational noise balanced with instruments and methods of control allows Drojji to move their music to the territories not preliminary available, but rather developing in a real-time. Using their feedback chains Andrey and Felix reacquire their role of an ultimate analyzing machine equipped with both logical and irrational and at the same time try to reduce themselves to just an analyzing machine as their recognition chains are.