Feliks Mirensky

(aka fesikl, fesikl mikensky)
/ musician, improviser, multi instrumentalist, sound designer, composer, sound engineer, dj, vj
As a musician, in my individual practice I focus on a plunderphonic(collage) approach to composing sound and arranging material I collect. I gather it through doing field-recording, researching ready-made material across genres and time periods (from medieval music to contemporary pop) and producing my own content.
Also i use experimental methods of sound extraction, rare synth, prepared software, using vocals excessively, as well as different traditional music instruments. I am constantly developing new methods of sound extraction and self expression.
I explore and perform live a huge spectrum of music genres - from gentle electroacoustic music and ambient to free jazz and harsh noise.
I perform my music live, using methods of free improvisation, which I have been practicing for 15 years.
Music I make during performance is more of an ongoing journey than a statement which needs to reach a certain point to become complete.

Took part in large amount of russian and international festivals (Diaghilev Festival, Picnic Afisha, Signal, Fields, Moscow Music Week, Archstoianie, RichterFest, Urvakan, Synesthesia, Avant Art Fest in Wroclaw, MIEFF, IOIC Stummfilm-Festival etc.)