Logs is an experimental electronic audio-visual duo of Dasha Zvezdin and Andrey Guryanov. They combine and reimagine their experience in sound art, visual art, modern classical music (Dasha is MMus), cinematic composing, and sound design (Andrey has a master’s in cinematic sound). All the mediums are blended in order to create a window into another sonic dimension. Logs primarily use free-improvisation, that becomes a shared tool and method of approaching the sound. Logs create sonic situations, where sound events have autonomy from each other, coexisting as a system, representing an idea of contemporary diverse informational reality. Informational density of their music encourages a listener to choose personal points of focus and actively build a perceptional area out of multiple existing layers, developing principles of contemporary info-sphere consumption. Logs’ music is a mixture of conventional electronic timbres, infinite sustain guitar and heavy processing of sound material, be it a field recording or a musical quote. Each layer of sound organizes physical parameters such as distance, deepness, light, or lack of it and blends it into a dense space. Percussive timbres and the rhythm of this music depend on probability and pattern rather than tempo, creating a special dancing experience. They perform with their own software created to reflect their ideas and conceptions. Logs’ sound textures are rich and complex, both futuristic and retrospective to the electronic music era. Logs' videos are vivid detailed images with even movements, that slowly turn themselves into moving time. Informationally rich and deep abstract sonic material works as a narrative for its visual counterpart. Electrified chirring, micro-events, and massive sonic shapes fill the hasteless existence of the video, blending it with sound to create a complex perceptional message. Logs is a glimpse into the other side of the cinematic screen, where roles of sonic and visual matter are non-conventional, and the rules are rooted in different media and aesthetics.